Potions are a feature added in v4.1. They are used to heal your Pokémon by 20 HP (Potion), 50 HP (Super Potion), or completely (Max Potion) during a level. Only 6 Potions are available per level. The number of Potions available resets to 6 after each level.


Super Potion
Max Potion

Potions are available to the player from the beginning of the game and restore 20 HP to a tower.

Super Potions were introduced in v4.3 and heal your Pokémon by 50 HP. This potion upgrade is acquired after clearing the Rocket Hideout level in the beginning of Chapter 5, regardless of whether you win or lose.

Max Potions were introduced in v0.8 and fully heal your Pokémon. This upgrade is acquired during the Viridian Ending movie.

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