Normal-Type Other
15px-C.png 54
Accuracy 100%
The target is scared off, making it turn around. This will only work once per Pokemon, even if done by different attackers.

Learned By

By Level Up

037Vulpix2Vulpix: Lv 7 038Ninetales2Ninetales: Lv 10 058Growlithe2Growlithe: Lv 0
142Aerodactyl2Aerodactyl: Lv 6 243Raikou2Raikou: Lv 15 244Entei2Entei: Lv 15

By Using Move Tutor

059Arcanine2Arcanine: Lv 0

By Using TMs

003Venusaur2 006Charizard2 009Blastoise2 020Raticate2 031Nidoqueen2 034Nidoking2 037Vulpix2 038Ninetales2 053Persian2 074Geodude2
075Graveler2 076Golem2 130Gyarados2 131Lapras2 134Vaporeon2 135Jolteon2 136Flareon2 142Aerodactyl2 144Articuno2 145Zapdos2
146Moltres2 149Dragonite2 151Mew2 243Raikou2 244Entei2 245Suicune2 000Missingno.2

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