Rocket Hideout
PTD RocketHideoutIcon
Previous level Celadon Gym
Next level Pokemon Tower 1
Objective Train by going up against Sam's Pokémon.
Money Rate x2


Erika thanks you for defeating Celebi and herself. The three of you wonder where Celebi went. Erika reveals the next place to be attacked is Saffron City, and you decide to go visit Team Rocket's old hideout at the Game Corner. Erika says she'll join you in Saffron City once she's gotten some rest.

You and Joey try to get into the Game Corner, which is locked for some mysterious reason. Bruno and his Hitmonlee break open the door (while kicking Joey into the wall) for you and the secret entrance to the basement is revealed. While Bruno goes to play the slots, you head downstairs and into the hideout.

You meet Sam, the creator of PTD, who says he's there to train you. You accept the challenge to train against his collection of Shiny Pokémon.

After attempting the level, your Potion will be upgraded, now healing 50 HP per Potion. You do not have to beat the level to gain this feature.


Rocket Hideout Layout

Waves: 47

Spots: 6

Defending: Rare Candy (10)


Sam's Pokémon consist of two Shiny versions of each obtainable Pokémon (as of v4.3) at its final evolution, including Tangela (used in the Celadon Gym (Challenge Level)) and all the Mystery Gift/Achievement-exclusive Shiny Pokémon. He does not have Rapidash or any other Pokémon seen only in the cutscenes, or any of the legendaries. Furthermore, due to the level cap at the time of the level's release (Level 52), the final wave consists of two Dragonair, as Dragonite was not yet available back then.

A list showing the order of Sam's Shiny Pokémon in the level and the move they use:

Boss Move
003Venusaur3Venusaur Synthesis
006Charizard3Charizard Ember
009Blastoise3Blastoise Withdraw
012Butterfree3Butterfree Safeguard
015Beedrill3Beedrill Twineedle
018Pidgeot3Pidgeot Roost
020Raticate3Raticate Swords Dance
022Fearow3Fearow Mirror Move
024Arbok3Arbok Screech
026Raichu3Raichu Agility
028Sandslash3Sandslash Defense Curl
031Nidoqueen3Nidoqueen Scratch
034Nidoking3Nidoking Poison Sting
036Clefable3Clefable Sing
038Ninetales3Ninetales Nasty Plot
040Wigglytuff3Wigglytuff Double Slap
042Golbat3Golbat Haze
045Vileplume3Vileplume Mega Drain
047Parasect3Parasect Leech Life
049Venomoth3Venomoth Sleep Powder
051Dugtrio3Dugtrio Magnitude
053Persian3Persian Rest
057Primeape3Primeape Seismic Toss
059Arcanine3Arcanine Double Team
062Poliwrath3Poliwrath Bubble
065Alakazam3Alakazam Psybeam
068Machamp3Machamp Vital Throw
071Victreebel3Victreebel Growth
073Tentacruel3Tentacruel Wrap
076Golem3Golem Rock Blast
082Magneton3Magneton Metal Sound
083Farfetchd3Farfetch'd False Swipe
095Onix3Onix Sandstorm
097Hypno3Hypno Hypnosis
101Electrode3Electrode Selfdestruct
114Tangela3Tangela Vine Whip
121Starmie3Starmie Swift
122MrMime3Mr. Mime Reflect
123Scyther3Scyther X-Scissor
124Jynx3Jynx Lovely Kiss
127Pinsir3Pinsir Vicegrip
130Gyarados3Gyarados Hyper Beam
134Vaporeon3Vaporeon Hydro Pump
135Jolteon3Jolteon Charge Beam
136Flareon3Flareon Flamethrower
137Porygon3Porygon Conversion 2
148Dragonair3Dragonair Dragon Rush