Route 1
Route 1 Official Icon
Icon for the Level
Previous level Oak's Lab
Next level Route 2
Objective Defend your Rare Candy against the wild Pokémon and Joey's Pidgey.
Exp Rate x1
Money Rate x1

Route 1 is the 2nd level in PTD 1 and is the the first time you meet Team Rocket and Joey in-game. In the opening cut-scene, the two mysterious Team Rocket Grunts who appeared in the introduction is seen walking along the path, when they encounter a youngster. They use their Drowzee's Hypnosis to hypnotize the young boy, and so you must defend Rare Candy from the wild Pokemon; and the boy's Pidgey!

In the ending cut-scene, the boy (whose name is Joey) breaks free of mind control in order to save his Pidgey, and so he joins you on your journey

My team:

Lvl 8 Squirtle

Lvl 4 Rattata

Lvl 5 Pidgey


Screen shot 2011-05-14 at 1.42.12 PM
  • Spots: 12
  • Waves: 6
  • Objective: Defend 5 Rare Candy

Images of the level

These are some images in the cut-scenes of this level


Red Level Encounter Rate Blue Level Encounter Rate
019Rattata2Rattata 2-4 50% 019Rattata2Rattata 2-4 50%
016Pidgey2Pidgey 2-5 50% 016Pidgey2Pidgey 2-5 50%


Boss Level Wave
016Pidgey2Joey's Pidgey 15 6

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