Route 19
Icon for the level
Previous level Route 17
Next level Cinnabar Island
Objective Training
Money Rate x1


Before the level begins, you find yourself on Route 17 facing a still-lively Zapdos. With even your Pokémon exhausted, Gary attempts to sacrifice himself to allow your party to escape; however, Ash's Pikachu intervenes, diffusing Zapdos's Thunder and revealing that Zapdos used to be under Ash's ownership, or was at least impacted by Ash's teaching/actions at some point. Due to Zapdos's tenacity, Gary still ends up sacrificing himself for the benefit of the group, and Zapdos flies off with him as the rest of you head to Cinnabar Island. Once you reach Route 19, Maruto releases Kyogre and the four of you travel on his back.



Waves: 60

Spots: 10 (4 Water Only)


Pokémon Level Encounter Rate Move Used
060Poliwag2Poliwag 66-68 14.3% Water Sport
072Tentacool2Tentacool 66-68 14.3% -
090Shellder2Shellder 66-68 14.3% -
116Horsea2Horsea 65-68 14.3% -
118Goldeen2Goldeen 66-68 14.3% -
120Staryu2Staryu 66-68 14.3% -
129Magikarp2Magikarp 65-68 14.3%



  • In the beginning of the level Joey says "Legen- wait for it-dary. Legendary!" This is a reference to a saying a character named Barney Stinson often says in a sitcom called How I Met Your Mother.
  • This is one of the four levels with the most waves in PTD, tied with Route 15, Safari Zone, and Pallet Town.

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