Route 29
Route 29
Icon for the Level
Previous level New Bark Town
Next level Cherrygrove City
Objective Catch Wild Pokémon
Enemies None
Exp Rate x1
Money Rate None

Route 29 is the third level in PTD 2 and is directly west of New Bark Town. It is also the first area in PTD 2 where you can catch wild Pokémon.


In a forest, it is a trail west of the entrance to New Bark Town, south of the entrance to Route 46, and leading west to Cherrygrove City. There are also a few gaps in which you can find a Shadow Rattata in one and a Shadow Sentret in the other, you can only find the Shadow Pokémon that can appear in the gaps at night, though.


Gold Time(s) of Day Silver Time(s) of Day
016Pidgey2Pidgey Morning and Day 016Pidgey2Pidgey Morning and Day
019Rattata2Rattata Any Time 019Rattata2Rattata Any Time
161Sentret2Sentret Morning and Day 161Sentret2Sentret Morning and Day
163Hoothoot2Hoothoot Night 163Hoothoot2Hoothoot Night
187Hoppip2Hoppip Morning 187Hoppip2Hoppip Morning
161Sentret4Sentret Night (Western Gap) 10% 161Sentret4Sentret Night (Western Gap) 10%
019Rattata4Rattata Night (Northern Gap) 10% 019Rattata4Rattata Night (Northern Gap) 10%


  • Guard #4 (blocks Route 46 until entering Cherrygrove City)

Major Events

Zai's Oran Berries

  • Reward: Shadow Pidgey during the day or Shadow Hoppip during the night (game time).