Route 31
Previous level Route 30
Next level Violet City
Objective Catch Pokemon
Enemies Gold version: Catepie, Metapod, Spinarak

Silver version: Weedle, Kakuna, Ledyba,

Pidgey, Rattata, Bellsprout, Zubat, Gastly.

Route 31 is first introduced in PTD2, and is directly north of Route 30 and east of Violet City.


It is a forest north of Route 30 and east of the entrance to Violet City. It contains the entrance to the Dark Cave and to Violet City.


Gold Time of Day Silver Time of Day
010Caterpie2Caterpie Morning & Day 013Weedle2Weedle Morning & Day
011Metapod2Metapod Morning & Day 014Kakuna2Kakuna Morning & Day
016Pidgey2Pidgey Morning and Day 016Pidgey2Pidgey Morning and Day
019Rattata2Rattata Night 019Rattata2Rattata Night
041Zubat2Zubat Night 041Zubat2Zubat Night
069Bellsprout2Bellsprout Any Time 069Bellsprout2Bellsprout Any Time
092Gastly2Gastly Night 092Gastly2Gastly Night
167Spinarak2Spinarak Night 165Ledyba2Ledyba Morning


  • Guard 5 (Temporary)
  • Falkner (Temporary)

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