Route 8
Route 8
Icon for the Level
Previous level Lavender Town
Next level Celadon Gym
Objective None (Training)
Money Rate x1

You cross this route to the west of Lavender Town on your way to Celadon City. This is a training level and you do not have to defend any candy.


Route 8 Map

Waves: 45

Spots: 12


Red Level Encounter Rate Blue Level Encounter Rate
016Pidgey2Pidgey 36-39 38% 016Pidgey2Pidgey 36-39 38%
056Mankey2Mankey 36-39 38% 052Meowth2Meowth 36-39 38%
023Ekans2Ekans 36-39 11.8% 027Sandshrew2Sandshrew 36-39 11.8%
058Growlithe2Growlithe 36-39 12% 037Vulpix2Vulpix 36-39 12%
133Eevee2Eevee 20 0.2% 133Eevee2Eevee 20 0.2%


  • If you go in with the Team Rocket Avatar, Joey will say: "Hey you kept the uniform on! It looks good on you!"
  • Pidgeot and Jigglypuff appear on the level icon, but Pidgeot and Jigglypuff appear nowhere in the actual level.