185px-HeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina

Sabrina and Mewtwo in Saffron City cutscene.

Sabrina is the 5th Gym Leader at Saffron Gym, preferring Psychic-type Pokémon. She is usually seen wearing a wristband with a green pattern on both hands. She fell victim to Mewthree's mind control until the Player freed her and her partner, Mewtwo.

Appears In

  • Pokemon Tower 2
    • Hypnotized by The General, Sabrina disguises herself as Maruto and allows herself to be taken into Team Rocket's care to infiltrate Saffron City.
  • Route 12
    • Hypnotized by The General, Sabrina disguises herself as Maruto and is seen being taken care of by Team Rocket and the Player, Joey, and Snorlax which shorlty leaves after he is dismissed in Saffron City's right gate.
  • Saffron City
    • Having successfully infiltrated Saffron City's defenses, Sabrina lifts her Maruto disguise and sends out Mewtwo to help take over the city.
  • Saffron Dojo
    • Once defeated, Sabrina hands over the Marsh Badge. She also reveals that Ash Ketchum has been kindapped by Mewthree. During the level, Sabrina occupies the fourth path with Mewtwo and her own Psychic-types.
  • Route 15
    • Sabrina may be seen during the conversation before the level.
  • Viridian City
    • Sabrina can be seen in the crowd in front of Viridian City.
  • Viridian Ending
    • Sabrina may be spotted off to the right within the crowd.


Sabrina's Pokémon
Pokémon Known Moves Pokémon Known Moves
063Abra2Abra Confusion 064Kadabra2Kadabra Reflect ,Psychic
092Gastly2Gastly Destiny Bond 065Alakazam2Alakazam Psycho Cut, Confusion
093Haunter2Haunter Destiny Bond 080Slowbro2Slowbro Amnesia, Yawn
049Venomoth2Venomoth Leech Life 097Hypno2Hypno Psyshock
122MrMime2Mr. Mime Wide Guard 150Mewtwo2Mewtwo Amnesia, Barrier Psychic, Psycho Cut,
Recover, Teleport, Nasty Plot


  • In the Saffron City cutscene, the Snorlax carrying Maruto claims to be tired of carrying "this lady," proving that it saw through Sabrina's disguise.

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