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Samuel Otero is the creator of the Android/Flash game Pokemon Tower Defense released in March 2011. Due to a recent interview with Sam, He stated how he came up with the idea for Pokemon Tower Defense, saying:

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Samuel Otero

"I really like Pokemon and always wanted to make a Pokemon game but was discouraged from finishing them due to various reasons. When I got into the Android Marketplace I noticed a lot of apps that used Nintendo Characters or other characters so I thought why not. The game started originally as a virtual pet simulator. I started planning it out on paper and I realized it was going to be a lot of work for just a pet sim, and at the time I looked at what the most popular paid game was. It was a "tower defense" game so I immediately thought about capturing your enemy and leveling up your towers like Pokémon"

Sam is 26 and works as a programmer at home. His email is and other than a picture of Sam, this is the only information known about Sam right now.

On a side note, he has been confirmed to have a 3DS.

Recently, he has been making livestreams showing him sitting on his desk and programming things into Pokemon Tower Defense: Generations. The livestreams can be located here, that is, if he's actually doing one right now.

For his 2011 birthday Sam made the Mystery Gift a Victini. His birthday is on November 26.

A Sam Otero Sprite created by the twitter user Mario18010 is used in PTD to represent Sam in-game. His avatar in Rocket Hideout when you battle him. Click here to see his game character.

Sam has said there will be NO MORE MYSTERY GIFTS for Pokemon Tower Defense 1.

In Pokemon Tower Defense: Generations, Sam decided to pull a prank on the players. He turned every single pokemon sprite (with the exception of Eevee) into a Bidoof on April Fools Day. Silly Sam.

Sam Otero Sprite


"I can't do this alone, use your Pokemon too."


  • According to a livestream, Sam's wife has nicknamed him "Bunny." A girl named Zai in Pokemon Tower Defense: Generations refers to you as "Bunny" as well.
    • Sam's wife's name is Zaira, so the joke is there.

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