Sand Veil
Increases the evasion of a Pokémon in a sandstorm and if on a Pokémon whose type does not already, grants immunity to damage taken from sandstorms ( Notice that all Pokemon with this ability are Ground or Rock. Cacturne is the only exception being Grass Dark) .The pokemon with this ability has a 25% chance to dodge an attack. Popular abusers are Cacturne and Garchomp. A similar ability is Snow Cloak.

Pokémon with this Ability

Pokemon Tower Defense:

027Sandshrew2 Sandshrew 028Sandslash2 Sandslash
050Diglett2 Diglett 051Dugtrio2 Dugtrio

Pokemon Tower Defense: Generations:

050Diglett2 Diglett
074Geodude2Geodude 075Graveler2Graveler 076Golem2Golem
231Phanpy2Phanpy 232Donphan2Donphan

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