Scolipede is a fully evolved Poison/Bug Pokémon.


Scolipede is an centipede-like Pokémon that is bright magenta interspersed with purple rings spaced evenly  along its segmented upper body. Its horns, extending from its head in a similiar way to antennae, are long and slightly twisted. Purple bandling decorates its horns, as well as its similarly-shaped dual tails. It has four pairs of 


purple-tipped forelegs, capable of injecting poison. Its legs further down its body are lon ger, with curved black patterns and black tipping on the extremities of the limb.Scolipede lives in lush forests. It is very aggresive and will not give up until victorious. It chases down enemies with its great speed then relentlessly attacks with its horns until prevailing. It injects a powerful poison using the claws on its neck


Venipede -- Lvl 22 --> Whirlipede -- Lvl 30 --> Scolipede





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