Seafoam Island
Seafoam Island
Icon for the Level
Previous level Power Plant
Next level Victory Road
Objective Recruit Articuno
Money Rate x1

Seafoam Island is the 38th level in Pokemon Tower Defense.


As you approach Seafoam Island, Articuno appears and examines your Pokémon. If your Pokémon do not impress him, he will fly off.

In order to impress Articuno, you must enter the level with a party of level 100 Ice-type Pokémon! Articuno will then appear in the first wave of the level as a Boss. Upon defeat, Articuno will reward the player with a baby Articuno. If your Level 100 Ice-Type Pokemon are all shiny, the baby will be shiny. If they're all Shadow Pokémon, the baby Articuno will be too.

Due to recent polls for removing the "Hacked Version" tags from pokemon, Articuno will become available for hacking PTD players. The only thing is that the baby Articuno you receive will have a "Hacked Version" tag.


Seafoam Island Layout

Spots: 6

Waves: 30


Red Level Blue Level
041Zubat2Zubat 80-83 041Zubat2Zubat 80-83
042Golbat2Golbat 80-83 042Golbat2Golbat 80-83
054Psyduck2Psyduck 80-83 054Psyduck2Psyduck 80-83
055Golduck2Golduck 80-83 055Golduck2Golduck 80-83
079Slowpoke2Slowpoke 80-83 079Slowpoke2Slowpoke 80-83
080Slowbro2Slowbro 80-83 080Slowbro2Slowbro 80-83
086Seel2Seel 80-83 086Seel2Seel 80-83
087Dewgong2Dewgong 80-83 087Dewgong2Dewgong 80-83
090Shellder2Shellder 80-83 090Shellder2Shellder 80-83
116Horsea2Horsea 80-83 098Krabby2Krabby 80-83
117Seadra2Seadra 80-83 099Kingler2Kingler 80-83
120Staryu2Staryu 80-83 120Staryu2Staryu



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