Shadow Claw
Shadow claw
Ghost-Type Physical
15px-P.png 70 15px-C.png 18
Crit. Chance x2
Accuracy 100%
The user slashes with a sharp claw made from shadows. Critical hits land more easily.

Learned By

By Using Move Tutor

006Charizard2Charizard: Lv 1

By Using TM

004Charmander2 005Charmeleon2 006Charizard2 027Sandshrew2 028Sandslash2 029Nidoran2 030Nidorina2 031Nidoqueen2 032Nidoran2 033Nidorino2
034Nidoking2 050Diglett2 051Dugtrio2 052Meowth2 053Persian2 054Psyduck2 055Golduck2 093Haunter2 094Gengar2 111Rhyhorn2
112Rhydon2 115Kangaskhan2 151Mew2 000Missingno.2

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