Sheer Cold
Sheer Cold
Ice-Type Special
15px-C.png 54
1-hit KO
Accuracy 30%
The target is attacked with a blast of absolute-zero cold. The target instantly faints if it hits.

Will fail against target higher level than user.

Learned By

By Level Up

087Dewgong2Dewgong: Lv 34 131Lapras2Lapras: Lv 55 144Articuno2Articuno: Lv 78


  • Sheer Cold, Fissure, Horn Drill and Guillotine are the only moves that can automatically KO a pokemon with one hit.
  • Despite the cooldown being listed as 18 in-game, this move mimics the other OHKO moves with a cooldown of 54.
  • Sheer Cold is the only OHKO move that has no pokemon immune to it.

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