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Shiny Pokémon are rarer versions of regular Pokémon that have a different color scheme and gain 50% more EXP than non-shiny Pokémon.

They are characterized by a color scheme that differs from their normal coloration, as well as a sparkle in their sprite. The change varies from drastic, e.g. Shiny Gyarados, to more moderate, e.g. Shiny Pikachu, to almost unnoticable, e.g. Shiny Venonat.

At the moment, there's no knowledge of what appearance rate shiny Pokémon appear. But in v0.7, Pokémon had a 1/8000 chance of being Shiny. Shiny Pokémon always have a red life bar, so you can catch them without having to lower its HP, preventing accidental KO's. An alert will present itself the instant before a Shiny Pokémon appears. During this alert, the game pauses until you click on the screen. The screen reverts the play speed back down to x1 to help you make sure you don't defeat the Shiny.

In Alpha Version 4.8 Shiny Pokémon were removed from the wild, but were returned to the wild in Alpha Version 4.9. You can also obtain Shiny Pokemon from Trading and Mystery Gift codes.

Shiny Pokémon by Update

Alpha v1.0

133Eevee3 135Jolteon3 134Vaporeon3


Alpha v4.0

123Scyther3 127Pinsir3 137Porygon3


Alpha v4.2

081Magnemite3 082Magneton3

Alpha v4.3

048Venonat3 049Venomoth3

Alpha v4.3

092Gastly3 093Haunter3 094Gengar3 104Cubone3 105Marowak3

Alpha v4.5

098Krabby3 099Kingler3

Alpha v4.6

118Goldeen3 119Seaking3

Alpha v4.7


Alpha v4.8


Alpha v5.1

116Horsea3 117Seadra3

Alpha v5.2

106Hitmonlee3 107Hitmonchan3

Alpha v5.4

054Psyduck3 055Golduck3 090Shellder3

091Cloyster3 132Ditto3

Alpha v5.5

088Grimer3 089Muk3

Alpha v5.6

079Slowpoke3 080Slowbro3 084Doduo3

085Dodrio3 102Exeggcute3 103Exeggutor3

108Lickitung3 111Rhyhorn3 112Rhydon3

115Kangaskhan3 128Tauros3

Alpha v5.7


Alpha v5.8

077Ponyta3 078Rapidash3 126Magmar3

Alpha v5.9



Alpha v6.0

109Koffing3 110Weezing3 138Omanyte3

139Omastar3 140Kabuto3 141Kabutops3


Alpha v6.3

125Electabuzz3 v0.8

150Mewtwo3 v0.9

v1.0 final  mystery gift


Role in the Game

Something of a hidden extra, Shiny Pokémon are not a necessary part of the game. Due to their rarity, in fact, it would be easy for a player to not encounter any. However, as they are typically the rewards for deciphering Mystery Gift clues and beating Challenge modes, it is not terribly difficult to obtain at least a few. Shiny Pokémon are inspired by the creatures of the same name in Nintendo's original games. Both feature special aesthetic effects. In the original games, unlike the Tower Defense version, they gain no extra experience. As with the Nintendo games, Shiny Pokémon are especially valuable to collectors and others who see a "coolness factor" in their rarity and are as such great bargaining chips in trades.


  • Mew and Missingno are the only Pokémon programmed to never be shiny in the wild, the latter is available to catch in Regular form via mystery gift code: SnDGames.

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