Sludge Bomb
Sludge Bomb
Poison-Type Special
15px-P.png 90 15px-C.png 18
Accuracy 100
Poison Chance 30%
Unsanitary sludge is hurled at the target. It may also poison those hit.

Learned By

By Level Up

088Grimer2Grimer: Lv 36 109Koffing2Koffing: Lv 46 110Weezing2Weezing: Lv 52

By Using Move Tutor

089Muk2Muk: Lv 36

By using TM

001Bulbasaur2 002Ivysaur2 003Venusaur2 015Beedrill2 023Ekans2 024Arbok2 029Nidoran2 030Nidorina2 031Nidoqueen2 032Nidoran2
033Nidorino2 034Nidoking2 041Zubat2 042Golbat2 043Oddish2 044Gloom2 045Vileplume2 046Paras2 047Parasect2 048Venonat2
049Venomoth2 050Diglett2 051Dugtrio2 069Bellsprout2 070Weepinbell2 071Victreebel2 072Tentacool2 073Tentacruel2 088Grimer2 089Muk2
092Gastly2 093Haunter2 094Gengar2 102Exeggcute2 103Exeggutor2 109Koffing2 110Weezing2 114Tangela2 151Mew2 000Missingno.2

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