Solar Beam
Solar Beam
Grass-Type Special
15px-P.png 120 15px-C.png 24
Accuracy 100%
The user gathers light, then blast a bundled beam. This attack can hit multiple targets.

Learned By

By Level Up

002Ivysaur2Ivysaur: Lv 44 003Venusaur2Venusaur: Lv 53 045Vileplume2Vileplume: Lv 65
102Exeggcute2Exeggcute: Lv 43 103Exeggutor2Exeggutor: Lv 46 146Moltres2Moltres: Lv 71

By Using TM

001Bulbasaur2 002Ivysaur2 003Venusaur2 006Charizard2 012Butterfree2 015Beedrill2 035Clefairy2 036Clefable2 038Ninetales2 039Jigglypuff2
040Wigglytuff2 043Oddish2 044Gloom2 045Vileplume2 046Paras2 047Parasect2 048Venonat2 049Venomoth2 059Arcanine2 069Bellsprout2
070Weepinbell2 071Victreebel2 077Ponyta2 078Rapidash2 102Exeggcute2 103Exeggutor2 108Lickitung2 113Chansey2 114Tangela2 115Kangaskhan2
122MrMime2 128Tauros2 131Lapras2 137Porygon2 143Snorlax2 146Moltres2 150Mewtwo2 151Mew2 244Entei2 494Victini2

Ash's Bulbasaur using Solar Beam.


  • Ash's Bulbasaur is seen using this attack during the General's fight in Route 24.
  • Moltres is the only non-Grass type to learn SolarBeam via level up.

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