Take Down
Take Down
Normal-Type Physical
15px-P.png 90 15px-C.png 18
Accuracy 85%
Recoil Damage 25%
A reckless, full-body charge attack for slamming into the target. It also damages the user a little.

Learned By

By Level Up:

001Bulbasaur2Bulbasaur: Lv 15 058Growlithe2Growlithe: Lv 34 059Arcanine2Arcanine : Lv 37
077Ponyta2Ponyta: Lv 29 086Seel2Seel: Lv 37 087Dewgong2Dewgong: Lv 39
111Rhyhorn2Rhyhorn: Lv 41 113Chansey2Chansey: Lv 27 128Tauros2Tauros: Lv 41
133Eevee2Eevee: Lv 43 142Aerodactyl2Aerodactyl: Lv 41

By Using Move Tutor:

002Ivysaur2Ivysaur: Lv 15 003Venusaur2Venusaur: Lv 15 078Rapidash2Rapidash: Lv 29
112Rhydon2Rhydon: Lv 41

By Using TM:

001Bulbasaur2 002Ivysaur2 003Venusaur2 004Charmander2 005Charmeleon2 006Charizard2 007Squirtle2 008Wartortle2 009Blastoise2 015Beedrill2
016Pidgey2 017Pidgeotto2 018Pidgeot2 019Rattata2 020Raticate2 021Spearow2 022Fearow2 023Ekans2 024Arbok2 025Pikachu2
026Raichu2 027Sandshrew2 028Sandslash2 029Nidoran2 030Nidorina2 031Nidoqueen2 032Nidoran2 033Nidorino2 034Nidoking2 035Clefairy2
036Clefable2 037Vulpix2 038Ninetales2 039Jigglypuff2 040Wigglytuff2 041Zubat2 042Golbat2 043Oddish2 044Gloom2 045Vileplume2
046Paras2 047Parasect2 048Venonat2 049Venomoth2 050Diglett2 051Dugtrio2 052Meowth2 053Persian2 054Psyduck2 055Golduck2
056Mankey2 057Primeape2 058Growlithe2 059Arcanine2 060Poliwag2 061Poliwhirl2 062Poliwrath2 063Abra2 064Kadabra2 065Alakazam2
066Machop2 067Machoke2 068Machamp2 069Bellsprout2 070Weepinbell2 071Victreebel2 072Tentacool2 073Tentacruel2 074Geodude2 075Graveler2
076Golem2 077Ponyta2 078Rapidash2 079Slowpoke2 080Slowbro2 081Magnemite2 082Magneton2 083Farfetchd2 084Doduo2 085Dodrio2
086Seel2 087Dewgong2 090Shellder2 091Cloyster2 094Gengar2 095Onix2 096Drowzee2 097Hypno2 098Krabby2 099Kingler2
100Voltorb2 101Electrode2 102Exeggcute2 103Exeggutor2 104Cubone2 105Marowak2 106Hitmonlee2 107Hitmonchan2 108Lickitung2 111Rhyhorn2
112Rhydon2 113Chansey2 114Tangela2 115Kangaskhan2 116Horsea2 117Seadra2 118Goldeen2 119Seaking2 122MrMime2 123Scyther2
124Jynx2 125Electabuzz2 126Magmar2 127Pinsir2 128Tauros2 130Gyarados2 131Lapras2 133Eevee2 134Vaporeon2 135Jolteon2
136Flareon2 137Porygon2 138Omanyte2 139Omastar2 140Kabuto2 141Kabutops2 142Aerodactyl2 143Snorlax2 144Articuno2 145Zapdos2
146Moltres2 147Dratini2 148Dragonair2 149Dragonite2 150Mewtwo2 151Mew2 000Missingno.2

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