Team Rocket Lavender Town

Team Rocket meeting in Lavender Town

Team Rocket is an organized crime syndicate led by Giovanni. Giovanni uses his authority over the group to aid in the war against Mewthree.


Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry appear in the Vermillion City level, where they encounter Maruto and Joey mid-battle. They and their comrades claim to have just returned from stealing Pokemon aboard the S.S. Anne.

Jessie and James

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Two members of Team Rocket, Jessie and James, are being controlled by Mewthree and therefore are currently not working for Giovanni. Jessie and James work by taking Rare Candy and hypnotizing people with their Drowzee. Jessie and James seem to work under Brock, who is also under Mewthree's control.

Player and Joey

During the story, the player character and Joey discover that Team Rocket intends to aid against Mewthree and decide to join them. The player's initiation into Team Rocket makes up the Lavender Town level's plot.


Giovanni acts as the leader of Team Rocket. In Lavender Town, he reveals the method to break Mewthree's mind control and administers the player's initiation test with his Persian.



Meowth in Saffron City

The talking Meowth appears in Saffron City claims to be in charge of "Human to Pokemon Communication." During the level, the player must protect Meowth and prevent him from being abducted by the invading Pokemon. Meowth also confirms to have been partnered with Jessie and James before Mewthree got to them.

Team Rocket Avatar

You could obtain a Team Rocket avatar (in conjunction with the Lavender Town level being released) through Mystery Gift; the code, however, is expired.

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