The Nightmare
Nightmare Layout
Icon for the Level
Previous level None
Next level New Bark Town
Objective Defeat the Shadow Pokémon
Enemies Shadow Chikorita, Shadow Cyndaquil, and Shadow Totodile
Exp Rate None
Money Rate x1
This is the 1st level in PTD 2, and consists of three waves of Shadow Johto starters. Using your Normal starter Pokémon, you will have to defeat all three of the Shadow Johto starters. After you have defeated all of them, you wake up on your bed in your house in New Bark Town to find that it was only a dream.


  • Nightmare Layout
    Waves: 3
  • Spots: 1
  • Objective: Defeat the Shadow Pokémon


Boss Pokémon
Pokémon Level Move(s) Frequency (Per Wave) Wave Appearence
152Chikorita4Chikorita 4 Tackle and Growl 1 1
155Cyndaquil4Cyndaquil 4 Tackle and Leer 1 1
158Totodile4Totodile 4 Scratch and Leer 1 1

Your Pokémon
Pokémon Level Move(s)
152Chikorita2Chikorita 7 Tackle, Growl, and Razor Leaf
155Cyndaquil2Cyndaquil 7 Tackle, Leer, and Ember
158Totodile2Totodile 7 Scratch, Leer, and Water Gun


  • Losing in The Nightmare causes Professor Oak to come out and say "Okay let's try this again...", then you automatically go back to the main menu. When you go back to select that file and try again, that file will be deleted.
  • The Cyndaquil given to you in this level is at level 7, but it knows Ember, a move that Cyndaquil normally learns at level 10, instead of Smokescreen, which it learns at that level.



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