Trading in-game

In-Game Trading takes place in certain levels of PokémonTower Defense. It is based on trades available in the original games. Unlike in the games, however, these trades can be made more than once.


Trades are offered upon successful completion of the relevant level. The player must not skip the end cutscene, but instead simply click "Next". A character known as the Old Man will enter and offer a Pokémon for a certain one the player used in the level (i.e. the Pokémon used an Attack move at least once during the level; it does not need to stay on the ground for the duration of the level). The Pokémon received will always be level 1.

If the player trades a Shiny Pokémon, the received Pokémon will be guaranteed to be Shiny.

If trading a Shadow Pokemon, you will get a Shadow Pokémon in return. In all the cases, trading is the only in-game way to obtain the relevant Pokémon.

Available Trades

Chapter Location Pokémon offered Pokémon requested Notes
Chapter One Route 2 Mr. Mime Abra This is the earliest level with an available trade, but cannot be achieved without Cut.
Chapter Two Cerulean Gym Jynx Poliwhirl If it was originally a Poliwag, that evolved during the level, the trade will not be offered.
Chapter Three Vermillion City Farfetch'd Spearow
Chapter Seven Viridian Ending Lickitung Slowbro Skip button may be used to reach Old Man's part of the cutscene.

Pokemon Tower Defense: Generations

A far man in Violet City has a Onix nicknamed Rocky and to get that Pokémon from him, you must have Bellsprout as your primary Pokémon in your party. (Trading Shiny/Shadow Bellsprout will give you Shiny/Shadow Onix in return.)

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