Trading in the Pokémon Center is a method of Pokémon sharing available to players. For certain Pokémon, it is the only way of making them evolve.

Trade Requests

When creating a trade, the player can make requests for the Pokémon being traded. These include:

- What Pokémon the player wants to receive;

- Whether the Pokémon the player receives is Shiny or Shadow ; and

- The desired level of the received Pokémon.

The player may choose to specify any, all, or none of these.

Furthermore, up to six Pokémon may be offered in a trade by either player. As such, a player could trade, for example, three weaker Pokémon for one more powerful or rarer Pokémon.

In Pokemon Tower Defense: Generations, the player can request for a specific gender, make 3 requests, and can make 10 offers pokemon per request.

Searching Trades and Receiving Requests

Once a trade is created, the player may search trades and request one with one of his/her own created trades. The person receiving the request may then choose to accept or deny the trade.

If a pokemon is Shiny, it will be marked with a star and the space is blue instead of white.

If a pokemon is Shadow, the space is purple instead of the standard white.

Afbeelding 19

A Shiny Pidgey

A player may also make trades with oneself, perhaps primarily in order to evolve his/her own Pokémon. Formerly, a full trade of one Pokémon from each of two character profiles on the account had to be made. As of more recently, however, this was changed. Now, in order to evolve a Pokémon by trade, a player need simply create a trade with the Pokémon, then recall the Pokémon to any profile.

Pokémon that Evolve by Trade

The following is a list of Pokémon that evolve by being traded through the Pokémon Center:

Keep in mind that these Pokemon don't need to be traded to another person. It must simply be put up to trade and be taken down.


  • Simply put, don't to that.
    Unreasonable Trade

    Just... don't... please.



  • In v1.0 Sam made it possible to look at the trainer's trade request without clicking the pokemon's profile, making it much easier to search for trades.

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