Vermillion City
Vermillion City Official Icon
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Previous level Route 5
Next level Vermillion Gym
Objective Defend your Rare Candy against Team Rocket's Pokémon.
Money Rate x1

The level starts out with you, Joey, and Maruto finding another empty city. Maruto and Joey finally decide to battle each other. Joey calls out his Charmeleon and Maruto uses his Poliwhirl. The Pokémon's attacks are evenly matched, when suddenly the battle is interrupted by Team Rocket Grunts Jerry and Tom. Joey and Maruto threaten Team Rocket that they could take out the entire organization using only one Pokémon each. Eight more Team Rocket Grunts show up to take up the challenge. On this level, you fight alongside both Maruto and Joey with only one Pokémon each.

You are assisted by Joey's Charmeleon using Scary Face and Maruto's Poliwhirl using Hypnosis.

If you used Spearow at least once in battle, the Old Man comes after battle and offers you Farfetch'd for your Spearow; if the Spearow is shiny, you get a shiny Farfetch'd. To trade with the old man, be sure NOT to skip the dialogue at the end of the 15 waves. Instead, just go through the dialogue as if there were no skip button, and the Old Man will show up and ask you for the trade.

Wave 8 will change if either the Old Rod or the Super Rod are obtained.




Found in wave 8

Old Rod Level Super Rod Level
129Magikarp2Magikarp 10 129Magikarp2Magikarp 10
- - 090Shellder2Shellder 20
- - 098Krabby2Krabby 20


Wave Boss Level
1 040Wigglytuff2Wigglytuff 33
2 022Fearow2Fearow 33
3 034Nidoking2Nidoking 33
4 100Voltorb2Voltorb 33
5 066Machop2Machop 33
6 065Alakazam2Alakazam 33
7 124Jynx2Jynx 33
8 072Tentacool2Tentacool
(replaced by Fishing Pokémon)
9 081Magnemite2Magnemite 33
10 028Sandslash2Sandslash 33
11 057Primeape2Primeape 33
12 077Ponyta2Ponyta 33
13 003Venusaur2Venusaur 33
14 006Charizard2Charizard 33
15 009Blastoise2Blastoise 33


Your Pokémon:

  1. Blastoise (above lvl. 60)- moves = Blizzard, Aqua Tail, Hydro Pump, Iron Tail
  2. Any Grass type above level 60 with Solar Beam
  3. Spearow, above Level 30, with Aerial Ace, NOT Fearow- prevent from evolving (See Trading (In-Game) and Trivia)

Execution of above strategy- during wave 5 when Machop appears, drag Spearow out to the available spot. (Blastoise should already have been there for waves 1-4.) have it defeat Machop, then switch out again for Blastoise. (If you're not quick enough to switch between wave 5 and wave 6, Maruto's Poliwhirl will use Hypnosis on the next Pokémon, so you can switch without worry. When the enemy Blastoise hits the field during the final wave, take out your Blastoise, as none of your moves will really be effective. Plus, your grass-type (hopefully you brought it) will demolish it with Solar Beam. When you've won, the old man will ask you to trade Spearow for his Farfetch'd , which will be lvl. 1. So far as I know, it will be the only way to obtain this rare bird, so TAKE IT.

Alternative strategy: lvl ~40 Charizard

Moves: (levels)

  1. Fire Fang: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9,
  2. Dragon Rage: 3, 10, 12, 14, 15
  3. Wing Attack: 5, 11

At level 39, my Charizard lost 3 candies, so this might even be doable from Level 38 if you get lucky with the hypnosis timings. Also, if you're interested in getting Farfetch'd you can swap out for a Spearow on level 5.

Another alternative strategy (Requires Fishing Rod, All mons should be 36)

Required Pokemon:

  • Charizard (Fire Blast and SolarBeam)
  • Spearow (Anything)
  • Golem (Dig and Rock Slide)
  • Gyarados (Aqua Tail and Bite)
  • Butterfree (Gust or Psybeam/Psychic)
  • Primeape (Focus Punch)


  1. Start with Primape and use Focus Punch on the Wigglytuff.
  2. Then use Golem and attack the Fearow with Rock Slide. Proceed to switch it to Dig for the Nidoking and Voltorb.
  3. Have Butterfree use its move against Machop.
  4. Send Gyarados in against Jynx and Alakazam.
  5. Use Spearow against the Magikarp. This will trigger the trade.
  6. Golem with Dig vs. Magnemite.
  7. Charizard with SolarBeam or Gyarados with Aqua Tail vs. Sandslash.
  8. Butterfree vs. Primeape
  9. Golem vs. Ponyta.
  10. Charizard with Fire Blast vs. Venusaur. You might lose a candy to this.
  11. Golem with Rock Slide vs. Charizard.
  12. Charizard with SolarBeam vs. Blastoise. You might lose another candy to this.
  13. After this, you will receive a trade for your Spearow. If you wish to complete your pokedex, accept this. You will lose your Spearow and gain a Farfetch'd. Otherwise, reject, as Fearow is better than Farfetch'd in every way.


  • At the end of the level you can trade a Spearow for a Farfetch'd. Spearow must have attacked at least once during the level.
  • Although there are 15 total waves of Pokémon, wave 1 only lasts for a few seconds before it switches to wave 2; this is because the wave changes as soon as the Pokémon appears.

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