Vermillion Gym
Vermillion Gym Official Icon
Icon for the Level
Previous level Vermillion City
Next level Diglett's Cave
Objective Defend your Rare Candy against Lt. Surge's Pokémon.
Money Rate x1

The level starts where the story last left off with Gary defending himself against the three legendary birds of Kanto (Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres). He returns Fearow to its Pokéball, sends out Alakazam to use Gravity on the trio, and then uses this opportunity to leave quickly.

Then we return to Ash and Shiny Mewtwo; Normal Mewtwo appears and asks if Ash is alright, then notices the General. Brock then captures Mewtwo with Ash's Master Ball and James congratulates the General on his new Pokémon. Ash then disappears, as it was an illusion created by the General to fool Mewtwo. The General mentions having business on the S.S. Anne and something about new recruits.

We then see Joey, Maruto, and you in your room aboard the S.S. Anne. You are then asked your gender, after which a player character appears in the room. The walls seem to be thin so you decide to listen in on your neighbors. Two sailors, in a reference to One Piece, mention that the boat is being attacked. You then go out and see a giant Tentacruel and its Tentacool attack the ship with the captain under mind-control. Lt. Surge comes to save the day; he quickly defeats the Tentacool and Tentacruel with his Raichu's "Lightning American" attack, and shortly afterwards the Legendary Dogs appear. Confused as to why they were summoned when there is no trouble, they talk amongst themselves until the General appears. He says he threw them a party and uses Mean Look and Sing to render everyone unconscious, claiming that when they wake they will all be friends.

You then awake inside the Vermillion Gym with no sign of Joey or Maruto. Lt. Surge and Brock are ready to take care of you and your Pokémon.


  • Waves: 40
  • Spots: 24
  • Objective: Defend 5 Rare Candy


Red Level Blue Level
074Geodude2Geodude 40 074Geodude2Geodude 40
023Ekans2Ekans 40 027Sandshrew2Sandshrew 40
021Spearow2Spearow 40 021Spearow2Spearow 40
019Rattata2Rattata 40 019Rattata2Rattata 40
016Pidgey2Pidgey 40




Boss Wave Where
025Pikachu2Pikachu 8-9 Top
072Tentacool2Tentacool 10-11 Bottom
116Horsea2Horsea 12- 13, 15 Top
081Magnemite2Magnemite 14 Bottom
076Golem2Golem 16, 18 Top
100Voltorb2Voltorb 17 Bottom
026Raichu2Raichu 19-29 Top
073Tentacruel2Tentacruel(Uses Reflect) 30-39 Bottom


Have 2 golem with stealth rock, pidgeot with sand attack, and 2 other pokemon (preferably rock or ground type) with earthquake. Place the 2 golem and pidgeot on the two nearest spaces to the rare candy. Have the 2 other pokemon on either the middle (right side), or whatever side the pokemon are coming on (left side).

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