Vermillion Gym (Challenge Level)
Vermillion Gym Challenge Level
Icon for the Level
Previous level Mt. Moon 2 (Challenge Level)
Next level Celadon Gym (Challenge Level)
Objective Defend your Rare Candy against Lt. Surge's Pokémon.
Money Rate x1


The Vermillon Gym Challenge Level is a version of the Vermillion Gym level without the Tentacruel (the rest of the waves are mainly Machop, etc.), but the Pokémon are much stronger (Lvl. 40).


Afbeelding 20

Vermillion City Challenge Level

  • You are awarded a Raikou Avatar Hat upon completion.
  • You get the Suicune Avatar Hat for winning with 2 or more Rare Candies left.
  • If you win without the move Whirlwind you get the Entei Avatar Hat.

Achievement Tips

  1. For Entei Avatar Hat (Win without wind), the moves Roar and Dragon Tail also turn the Pokémon around.
  2. For Suicune Avatar Hat (Needs More Candy), let the 2 wild Geodude get the Rare Candy. DO NOT let all the Geodude get all the Rare Candy!

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