Violet City
Previous level Route 31
Next level Bellsprout Tower
Objective To battle Falkner
Enemies Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot

Violet City is first introduced in PTD2, and is directly west of Route 31.


Violet City is a big city, west of Route 31. It contains a Pokemon Center, a Pokemon Mart, a Gym and the Sprout Tower. In Violet City Falkner can be battled again. There's also a man, who wants to trade his Onix for a Bellsprout. Like in Cherrygrove City, all houses are also locked.Then there's a monk that tells you to help at Bellsprout tower. After that, you encounter Giovanni again and throws you at the shadow realm. In order to let the player escape, the player battled Lugia and the elder will be free


Falkner's Pokemon
Pokemon Amount Level Known Moves
016Pidgey2Pidgey Infinite 7 Pidgey's Gust
017Pidgeotto2Pidgeotto One 20 Pidgeotto's Gust
018Pidgeot2Pidgeot One 30 Pidgeot's Gust

Onix Trade man's Pokemon
Pokemon Notes
095Onix2Onix Before Trade
069Bellsprout2Bellsprout After Trade


Bellprout tower:is leaving the tower in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver games, has one single pokemon that is shade and is as stated Bellsprout Tower, is in the process of completion of the tower because Sam is working in the city and the tower .

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