Viridian Ending
Viridian Ending
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Previous level Viridian City
Next level Power Plant
Objective None, cutscene level.

Viridian Ending is the 36th level in Pokemon Tower Defense. However, it is only a cinematic level requiring none of your Pokémon to be used.


Viridian Ending clip1

After having defeated Gary and Groudon, you regroup with your allies in Viridian City. A freed Gary presents you with the Earth Badge, three new HMs (Fly, Surf, and Strength), as well as the Max Potion. Just as you are about to head off to the Indigo Plateau to confront Mewthree, Brock shows up with Jessie and James in tow, similarly freed from mind-control. After they proclaim that Mewthree's minions have blocked off the Indigo Plateau, Gary plans to create a diversion and allow you to sneak through.

Viridian Ending clip2

After everybody else leaves, the Old Man stays behind to speak with you; he suggests exploring a bit using your new HMs before heading off to Mewthree.

The Old Man will offer to trade a Lickitung for your Slowbro if you bring one in your party.


  • When the Old Man is talking to you your avatar is always the normal avatar, even if you are wearing a different one.
  • Also, if you are a girl you may/will end up being the male counterpart, and the old man will call you 'lad'.