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Viridian Forest 1
Viridian Forest 1 Official Icon
Icon for the Level
Previous level Route 2
Next level Pewter Gym
Objective Defend your Rare Candy against wild Pokémon and a group of three Pikachu's.
Exp Rate x1
Money Rate x1

The 4th level in Pokemon Tower Defense. In this level Joey is captured by a Beedrill and you must defend the Rare Candy from wild Pokémon and a group of 3 Pikachu, known as Pikachu Sammy (who later becomes Joey's Pikachu), Pikachu Danny, and Pikachu Manny, who were seen conversing earlier in the level.


  • Waves: 10
  • Spots: 12
  • Objective: Defend 5 Rare Candy


Red Level Encounter Rate Blue Level Encounter Rate
013Weedle2 Weedle 3-5 50% 013Weedle2 Weedle 3-5 5%
010Caterpie2 Caterpie 3-5 5% 010Caterpie2 Caterpie 3-5


014Kakuna2 Kakuna 4-6 35% 014Kakuna2 Kakuna 4-6 5%
011Metapod2 Metapod 4-6 5% 011Metapod2 Metapod 4-6 35%
025Pikachu2 Pikachu 3-5 5% 025Pikachu2 Pikachu 3-5



Pokémon Level Wave

025Pikachu2 Pikachu x 3

12 10


  • The two Pikachu Sammy and Danny are based on the creators of the site Sam and Dan games.

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