Wake-Up Slap
Fighting-Type Physical
15px-P.png 60 (120) 15px-C.png 18
Power: 120 if target is asleep
Wakes up target
Accuracy 100%
This attack inflicts big damage on a sleeping target. It also wakes the target up, however.

Learned By:

By Level Up

035Clefairy2Clefairy: Lv 22 036Clefable2Clefable: Lv 25 039Jigglypuff2Jigglypuff: Lv 41
040Wigglytuff2Wigglytuff: Lv 44 060Poliwag2Poliwag: Lv 35 061Poliwhirl2Poliwhirl: Lv 43
062Poliwrath2Poliwrath: Lv 46 066Machop2Machop: Lv 37 067Machoke2Machoke: Lv 40
068Machamp2Machamp: Lv 40 124Jynx2Jynx: Lv 33

Other pokemon: JOEY lvl. (presumably) 35


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