Whirlipede is an insectoid Pokémon encased in a hard, segmented shell. It has two pairs of gray, horn-like feelers with dark gray stripes, with one pair extended upward from its front and the other painting downward from its lower rear. Two poisonous barbs flank either side of each segment of its shell. The she

ll itself is gray, with red rings in the middle of each segment and a darker gray border circling its open center. Whirlipede's eyes can be seen within the center, and have slitted pupils, yellow sclerae and thick gray eyelids. Whirlipede remains motionless while storing energy for evolution, but will move to stab approaching predators with its poisonous spikes. If attacked, it can quicksly spin its body like a wheel and crash furiously into its opponents.


Venipede -- Whirlipede -- Lvl 30 --> Scolipede





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