The World Tournament are the final 4 levels in PTD 2, in which you require to have all 8 Gym Badges in PTD 2 to enter it. It is similar to the Elite Four and seems like PTD 2's version of it. First off, you battle a series of strong Gym Leaders from other generations, Wattson (Electric-type), Roark (Rock-type) and Cilan (Grass-type). However, the fourth round trainer is not a Gym Leader, it is Darkness, a spitting image of Silver (Albeit With a Shadowy Aura) who uses various Shadow Pokémon. For these rounds, there were rules, like you can only use 1 Pokémon for the fourth round and what not. Sam now made the 4 levels easier due to people requesting him to do so. Every person that you battle will have a strong Pokémon that are very annoying and difficult to defeat, which also learn PTD 2-exclusive moves. Wattson has a Mega Manectric, whereas Roark has a Rampardos; Rampardos uses a move that is capable of fainting any Pokémon in your party with one strike. For Cilan, the Pokémon you should be extra wary of is Venusaur. And Darkness, the final opponent's most powerful Pokémon is Shadow Lugia, beware of its deadly homing gust attack.

The Tournament's first round, Player vs Wattson

Picture 16

The Tournament's fourth round, Player vs Darkness

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