Zap Cannon
Zap Cannon
Electric-Type Special
15px-P.png 120 15px-C.png 22
Accuracy 50%
Paralysis Chance 100%
The user fires an electric blast like a cannon to inflict damage and cause paralysis .
This attack will hit any target it comes into contact with.

Learned By

By Level Up

081Magnemite2Magnemite: Lv 59
082Magneton2Magneton: Lv 66
137Porygon2Porygon: Lv 62


  • Zap Cannon is currently tied with Thunder for the most powerful Electric-type move in the game, both having 120 base power.
  • Zap Cannon is tied with Inferno and DynamicPunch for having the lowest accuracy of any move that isn't a one-hit KO move.

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